bread loaf and crumbsOpinions, what are they?

When I look, I see that they are simply thoughts. In my direct experience, thoughts arise unbidden–I have no control over them, other than I can leave them alone. Let the thought train shoot on by.

There are useful thoughts that help organize life, or get us to a meeting on time. I’m not writing about that variety. I have discovered that the thoughts or opinions flavored by emotion or preference that come to this body-mind are fundamentally unreliable. Thoughts cannot “think” about this moment except in hindsight, because thinking is always late–it comes after the moment. Thoughts judge, tell stories, make distinctions, and divide oneness into the multiplicity we apparently experience. They are small–like a crumb–rather than the whole aromatic, warm loaf of bread. As Nirmala says, “a small truth.”

So when thoughts are practical and not filled with emotion, I’m happy to attend to the common sense that is there. Emotion is the clue that a thought is highly suspect, and that I’ve slipped into believing a small truth again.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo from 123RF

4 thoughts on “opinions

  1. Yes: e-motion=error-motion. What a wake-up it is to understand this small but life-affecting detail… to understand that emotion is always preceded by a thought, and that thoughts are by nature ephemeral and fickle.


    1. Perfect description. Ephemeral, fickle, and can cause outrageous suffering. I went through 20 months of it–caught in old patterns. Most painful because I had seen through, but patterns of abandonment, fear, not being included had me running anxiety 24-7 until I came to understand that love is not personal. Luckily, my dear husband of 24 years was incredibly patient and loving during that time. And finally, apparently, it is burned out. This phase, anyway!


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