seeking thoughts

seekingSeeking thoughts still occur from time to time, although they no longer take the form of a spiritual path, or yearning for union.

Instead, they are thoughts about wanting the present moment to be subtly different. For example, two pieces of news struck today–clients of ours thought they could purchase a home, but now realize it might well be out of reach at this time. And my physical therapist wants my shoulder to be diagnosed by a surgeon.

Of course the mind wanted to get busy. There was some resistance to what is, and that resistance caused suffering–mild perhaps, but suffering nonetheless.

Suffering is often a reminder that thoughts are out of whack, so I watched them arise and pass for a while, then questioned them. (Is this true? Is this really true?) Eventually, they dissolved, as did the resistance to what is.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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2 thoughts on “seeking thoughts

  1. Great post Amrita, we can all get carried along on the ‘thought train’. This arose for me yesterday, sort of popped in, so thought I’d share it with you – when there is any seeking at all there is an unconscious formation of the illusion of that which is seeking and that which is to be sought.


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