one requirement

fish leaping smallerWhat a seeker I was! The yearning and longing were sometimes almost unbearable.

I was on a spiritual path for thirty-seven years before I was introduced to the non-dual teachings. And the moment that introduction occurred, my ears went up like a Fennec fox–alert, entrained on hearing the words behind the words, because I recognized a clearer truth than I had ever heard before.

The teachings said that there is only one requirement: the presence of awareness, the gift that is already given. Of course, I didn’t believe that, so the search continued for a couple of more years. Searching is hauntingly beautiful, and it was hard to set it down–I had dedicated my life to it.

I had to discover the truth for myself, through my own direct experience. And the search ending is not truly an end, although the search is done. It is, instead, a beginning. Every moment, a fresh beginning.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit for leaping fish

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