open, lucid, transparent, awake

Orion NebulaOpen, transparent, lucid, awake–in 2008, Elias Amidon gave us these four words to breathe. I sensed, even then, that they each pointed toward that which cannot be adequately described. This is how these words point for me today:

Open–that which welcomes whatever shows up, whether hard or sweet. Might as well, it’s already here. Then, if change is called for, initiate change.

Transparent–that which can hold all is also empty of anything. No qualities, nothing to be found, and yet the whole cosmos can erupt within this nothing.

Lucid–that which is clear, because the unseen light within illumines.

Awake–that which is empty, yet filled with bright knowing.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: NASA Archives

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