burning without a flame

When we have the call to know the truth, everything that is in the way of realizing that truth will show up to be met. For me, this means all of the old patterns of belief that I have lived—that I’m not good enough; that I’m an outsider and not welcome; that I must be perfect in order to be loved. These are all stories of the mind, and are inherently untrustworthy. They are based on selective memory that our ego constructs to feed our personal life story.

If we can receive the gift of these old patterns that arise yet again—whether they are pleasurable or very painful—and surrender to however they show themselves, some of the crust that holds us separate burns off. What is required is endless willingness and courage. Meeting this stuff can be terrifying. The truth asks for everything, no holding back. This is not a part-time enterprise: if we touch in and back off, touch in and walk away, the ego will find a way to usurp the truth.

Nineteen years ago, I repelled down into an underground cave. The entrance was a three-foot-wide hole in the ground, and the floor of the cave—an old lava tube—lay forty feet below. I remember our friend Marty, who taught us to repel, asking us if we were “out, or in—in all the way.” Once at the bottom, the only way back to the rim was the arduous climb up the rope, so commitment was necessary.

I’m in. No backing off, no whining, no waiting for a better time. I’m in, all the way.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

3 thoughts on “burning without a flame

  1. Gargoyles for sure. I’ve faced them big time, as Basheera knows. I guess all Truth lovers do, eventually…
    Thank you, Kathy, for Francis’s quote. And you, Basheera, for breaking down the One Rule!
    love to you both,


  2. Basheera

    Certainly meeting some gargoyles myself lately. Today I finally got it about the One Rule (which, for any readers who don’t know it by that name, simply means embracing/examining your negative feelings rather than reflexively pushing them away as we normally do). I’ve known that that response works the best for decades so wanted a new approach to add to my tool chest when Elias re-introduced it to me/us during the Open Path trainings. In fact, I didn’t even see what was non-dual about it because I so prefer working with the mind/thinking component of all this. I wanted to defuse the underlying fixation that is causing the emotional pain. But today the obviously non-dual part hit me and it worked. That underlying fixation, whatever it is, is about something that is not present now. What is present now is the emotional pain. So bring that into focus in the awareness … NOW … and let it be there as part of everything that is … NOW. Woo hoo! Duh!


  3. Ha! Just watching a Francis Lucille video and he says that as we get closer to the Source, all the monsters come out… to regain their territory, to de-rail us.

    “The gargoyles at the temple entrance were there to repel those who are not ready to have the courage, the intensity of love for the Truth, which is required to enter the temple”

    So, gosh, I must be getting closer to the Truth because everything is starting to de-rail. Mara in all her glory. But that’s it… “no backing off, no whining, no waiting for a better time…”

    Thank you


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