body-mind birthday

This body-mind turned sixty-six years old today.

But who is born, and who dies?

Surely, the awareness that notices this mind-body-world is not of space nor time, couldn’t be born and doesn’t die.

And yet, the celebration is fun! Presents and warm wishes are delightful–so long as I don’t forget that this rainbow body-mind is a brief refracting, nothing more.

© Skye Blaine, 2011


5 thoughts on “body-mind birthday

    1. A song to the ‘”one taste”–my favorite translation of Amrita that I discovered in both Longchenpa and “The Flight of the Garuda”. (Never could get behind “divine nectar,” although I did like “living water.”)
      Thank you!
      Do you go by Michael or Sean?


  1. Wali

    Well dear one apparently it was no accident that two hours ago I was thinking of you as I read the following from Inayat Khan from a March 12th, 1926 lecture in San Diego, “We in our material life become so rigid in our thinking that we cannot think of something existing and at the same improving and changing. We are only capable of recognizing change as far as we can recognize. But the moment we cannot see that change any further or any more, we call it destruction or death. In other words, what we call destruction or death is only a change. We cannot follow, we cannot see the link, it is not visible to us, we cannot fathom it, not understand. Therefore we say that it is finished. But is there anything that ends, that is destroyed, anything that has ceased? Nothing. All these words are our own illusion, our own conception a conception which is so long true as long as we have not seen the continuity. As soon as we see the mystery of it, we no longer continue to have that conception. ”
    He continues, “But you will say, ‘Is there anything that ends?’ I say ‘Nothing’. There is nothing that ends. Such words as beginning and end are our conceptions, and the further we go in studying life, the higher realization we get of conception. It is this principle which I call unlearning. People are proud and satisfied with what they have learned. But the further one goes the more one finds that learning finishes in unlearning.”
    Love your brother,


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