mind as a prism

It’s all lusciously not-two until the mind refracts not-two into myriad things that appear so separate, we leap to believe in them. The mind–which exists only as a concept–is an amazing and useful prism, not to be disregarded. When the tool is needed, pick it up. Then set it down when the task is complete–mind, refraction, no longer required. Welcome, be openness instead.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

2 thoughts on “mind as a prism

  1. Basheera

    Yes, and I’ve been getting better at it by telling myself that now (while lying in bed trying to sleep but thoroughly possessed by my refractions instead) is not the time for mind. There will be time for mind later. And when that time arrives, I will know it and I will use it. But that time is not now.

    Ahhhh. Good night!


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