widen the lens

widen the lens
note from self

if it’s too hot to touch
if turmoil burns
lower the f/stop
open the aperture
and let in more light

as it floods your field
step back and breathe
see more
see wide
see deep

stars sprinkle there
billions abound
each one a galaxy
unknown and lucent
puts you in your place

present for now
dilemmas shrink down
light rises up
and more paths appear

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

5 thoughts on “widen the lens

    1. I’m glad! Your comments make me so happy!
      The poem I wrote this morning is very dark, about the situation with losing species on our beautiful blue orb. Im not sure I’ll post it, but I may. It would come up in 3 weeks. I’m typing one-handed—non-dominant hand because I broke my shoulder and wrist on Saturday, and had surgery yesterday. Plates and pins. A long hall….
      Love, Amrita


      1. Sylvia Tepper

        You are amazing! Still doing what you do even with your broken parts taking a healing rest right now. I so admire your devotion and commitment. I read your poems every day, and when one speaks to me inside, I just have to say something. Sending you fond wishes for strong healing and unexpected blessings along the journey }}}}}}}}}}}}}}} XO Sylvia


      2. I’m a happy writer! My computer got corrupted after an update, so I haven’t had access to dragon naturally speaking, and won’t again until tomorrow. So I wrote that dark poem this morning one finger at a time on my iPad! Now I figured out how to dictate, so I’m talking as I write to you now. Thank you for being a regular reader. It means so much. Now lots of healing ahead. Sending love to you both, Amrita


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