start here

bird in dogs mouth

I come across this photo. The mind squawks, “No! Poor bird!”

Pausing, I start here. Here, now. Quietly notice.

The dog’s lip is curved around sharp teeth. In the retrieving world, this is called “soft mouth.” The bird’s feet are not clamped in distress, nor do they seem dead. They may be registering surprise, but again, that’s the mind commenting. I can’t know.

Smiling, I imagine the dog opened her mouth and, the bird, sensing fresh air and opportunity, took flight—another comment of the mind.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2015
photo origin: unknown. If you are aware the source, please contact me so I can properly assign credit.

One thought on “start here

  1. It said, “Start here” and I’m so glad I did. Your take on this photo is inspiring. I’m with you, seeing the bird take flight as the dog smiles. Following you now. Looking forward to more!


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