we do not multitask

multitasking womanHumans believe that they multitask–sometimes we take great pride in this, other times we feel depression and overwhelm, and just want to slink back to bed.

But the truth is–and there is science to back up our direct experience–we only attend to one detail at a time. We only have one thought or one feeling at a time. Life occurs one eternal moment at a time. There is no such thing as multitasking–other than the belief in it and the story we tell ourselves about it.

The past week, there hasn’t been much downtime. I’ve been with people almost every moment, and time alone has been rarely available. (Except the forty-five minutes when I write. Even my talkative son honors writing time.) One event, the following activity, the next meeting, boom-boom-boom–all lined up like the tennis balls popping endlessly out of the machine to practice forehand and backhand. Yet when I notice, there are timeless moments between events, activities, and meetings.

In fact, the timeless is everpresent to sip when we remember to do so.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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2 thoughts on “we do not multitask

  1. Leilah Be

    You have articulated the conclusions that I have been made, and the experience that I was having. I told Bodhi that I much prefer attending to
    ONE thing at a time. It seems very unnatural to do otherwise. I am delighted to know about your site. Lovely to share breath for some moments, within the Eternal Moment in the turn around at Earth Pulse Ions… Leilah


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