still with us…

Maggie the Scottish deerhound is still with us. A huge abscess showed up–so perhaps a spider bite caused this health crisis; four knowledgeable people have suggested that to me. The only way I can be with this is moment by moment. Moment by moment. Remembering to breathe and rest. Be present now, and do not preference an outcome.

This photo was taken when she was only five and a half months old.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012


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3 responses to “still with us…

  1. here now, too…sending love.

  2. oh your posts are heart-breakingly beautiful and simple…

  3. Lynn

    My favorite cat thought she was a dog needing to protect me and/or her house. She tangled with coons and other cats…and lots of abscesses. I never saw the wounds until the abscess showed up. Fur is a great cover-up for a single puncture wound. Got coons out there?

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