always noticing

“There are two kinds of knowing. One kind is the knowing from the past, which includes everything we have read or been told. …This is the kind of knowing that I’m suggesting is often useless because life is always throwing something at you that is beyond your knowing.

There is another kind of knowing, which is much simpler and wiser, and that is the knowing of the moment–the Heart’s knowing.” –Nirmala, Nothing Personal, page 18

I still catch myself grasping, thinking I know something from the past that will explain or direct my actions in the future, and then wham! life throws an unexpected curve that defies past experience. Then I re-remember that it’s more satisfying to meet each moment with curiosity rather than struggling to make old ideas and patterning fit; then how I can be with this particular moment as it unfolds with “the heart’s knowing” that Nirmala speaks of.

Our concrete Buddha needed to move safely from Eugene to our new home. I puzzled over how to safely transport the statue–I knew I wasn’t going to let the movers handle this one. Once in the car, it was so obvious in the moment what needed to happen…

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

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