choice, no choice

Choice or no choice? At any gathering of people curious about the non-dual view, eventually the question of choice arises, often with a lot of anxiety. People don’t want to give up the idea of having personal choice.

Last night we enjoyed a DVD of Adyashanti. A woman raised a question about control, and Adya addressed it in this way: “If you have an apparent choice, make it. Otherwise, relax.”

What a perfect and useful answer! Sometimes apparent choices arise (love that word, “apparent.”) We are renovating a condo, and there are tens of apparent choices–carpet, laminate, or hardwood; granite, Corian, or Formica counter tops–and on and on. The choices seem to present themselves, and we make them. But do I really believe I have some control in the matter? No.

Life chooses.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

2 thoughts on “choice, no choice

  1. Jonathan Turner

    Not believing that I have any control in the matter is just fine . . . so long as I don’t fall into the opposing belief that I have no control in the matter. The only way out of the suffering that the responsibility of choice brings . . . and out of the suffering that the belief that I have no choice brings is simply to recognise that I have no idea whether my apparent choice is in fact any choice at all. The Bliss of Ignorance.


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