bright sun above and coloring cloudsSo many apparent and recognizable forms of light–afternoon sun filtering through slender birches in a Santa Sabina courtyard, the various tones of heart beaming from retreatants, the clear and steady radiance streaming in unending kindness from our friend and guide. The nourishment shining in the carefully prepared meals; the intimacy with friends staying with us; our dog’s warm welcome when we returned home–all modulations of the same infinite and eternal light.

But can we recognize the following forms as well? A friend leaves tonight for her sister-in-law’s memorial, my son confronts another day flavored with chronic pain, a woman left to spend time with a dog who will be euthanized this afternoon. The impulse is to resist, to label these as difficult, or painful. We might want to deny, or turn away. Yet these, too, are an outflow of the same light of awareness.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo: from Panhala Poetry


wild dark sunsetWe can see nothing on this planet without the sun’s radiance. The sun announces itself* first, before seeing happens–whether we notice that or not. It is the same with consciousness–no thought or object or perception can arise without the radiance of consciousness preceding them.

Today, we spent the day with Rupert Spira. He gave a short talk as an introduction to those who have not been with him before, and then answered questions with endless patience for the other four-and-a-half hours. His talk, his answers, his presence with each person shone with the radiance that pours through him with seeming unending abundance. He just arrived from England, so must be experiencing some jet-lag. There was no sign of it at all…

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit thanks to Jeffrey Foltice

*thanks to Rupert for the expression “announces itself”