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prayer, take two

Buddha hands flippedPrayer used to be a big part of my spiritual practice–a longing for the Beloved similar to what you’ll find in the poetry of Rumi.

In 2008, nine months after I was introduced to the non-dual teaching, prayer fell away, as did the concept I held of the Beloved. I remember sitting frozen in my recliner. My whole belief system had crumbled. This shift occurred abruptly one afternoon, and for a few months, I felt disillusioned and angry. I wanted to go back to the beliefs I used to hold–and discovered that wasn’t possible. Once I had seen through my own carefully constructed house of cards, I could not unsee.

Fast forward seven years. I was soaking in the hot tub one night last week, and discovered myself in prayer. This prayer was neither “to” something, nor “for” something, and it had no words. It felt like abiding in sacred openness.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2015
I do not know the source of this beautiful graphic. If anyone does, please contact me. I would like to credit it properly.


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