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our luck—for Mothers’ Day

our luck

ragged beginning
misfiring heart
not made right
as his mother
I wondered
my fault?

doctors said no
one in a million
our luck
our luck?
so much trauma
so much pain

still, the gifts
a different kind
of closeness
my sister said
he grew me up
hell of a way

few regrets
how could there be?
beautiful boy
saucer eyes
ready giggle
pulled me in

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine


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for B

you walked the path
toward me
long lean
closer beautiful
friendly smile lines

who is this man
an old friend
my heart said
but for sure
we’d never met

I say you swept
me into a hug
you say I leapt
into your arms
either way

thirty-three years
a long time
those crinkles
lured me into deep

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine


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the deep cut

the deep cut
note to self

when life cuts deep
not smooth
but a serrated slice
to the bone

breathe in
breathe deep
feel it all
it’s for you

can you?
can you sit on
the hot seat?
that’s the work

as much as you would
like it to be different
this is how it is

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine

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bagging gold

it’s human instinct
hold close what we value

except for this gold,
our primary knowing,
there is no “it”
no touch
no taste
no sound
no sight
no smell
yet the gold remains

gold is all there is

© Amrita Skye Blaine


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I need rest…
in the placeless place,
where this splendid, messy
chaos called life erupts

to let the background—
that big field of knowing
behind all manifest things,
slip into my mind’s foreground
filling it to spillover
easing friends,
known and unknown, as well

May I rest in its caress,
a hammock, a porch swing,
a safety net,
I surrender to the sway
that smooths and soothes
my disquiet and concern

take a cleansing breath,
recall the eternal and infinite,
forever and always—
this peace is present
right here
right now

© Amrita Skye Blaine


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We’re made local for a time
each of us a point of view—
on this sphere
of billions
and growing

No number’s large enough
to count all manifest things
A cosmos full
of jewels in Indra’s net
opal garnet tourmaline
Each reflecting the whole

Caught by panic
when I forget
I feel diminished
on this fevered slab of stardust
we call earth

then remind myself—
being local
feels intimate
but it’s not personal
Life is birthing itself
right out of itself
again again and again


© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2020



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one small thing – unedited free write

[We were given the prompt, “one small thing.”]

one small thing
just look slantwise
for a moment
it can happen that fast–
without warning,
the apparent world turns inside out
a Mobius strip
and no thing remains the same

one small shift
a spiral in fate
unforeseen and blindsiding
yet asked for, too
all known falls away
concepts, beliefs, assurity,
all gone,
never to return

one small twist
and, what now? how shall you live?
can you welcome no meaning
and love what comes?
wild paradox lacks any frame
when you think about it, too vast to hold
so don’t. don’t think about it,
you’ve gone down that torturous trail ten thousand times

one small turn
invited, yet unexpected
sought after, yet surprised
and the world erupts as a one-song-uni-verse

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2016


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love waits – a poem

Love Waits

Love waits
patient, unseen, outside of time.
It cloaks as car accident,
chronic illness, or grief;
starry night, baby’s breath, or
first ripe raspberry in spring.

It is waiting,
waiting for you,
waiting for you to turn around,
to finally turn inside.

This love flows, wholly dependable,
unlike relationship, made of two:
at best, a luscious, rampant garden,
filled with surprise and hidden delight—
still—in all its fullness, a mere reflection,
temporary and time-bound for loss.

Love waits,
waits for you,
waits for you to turn around,
to finally turn inside.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2015


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