Jasmine aka Jazz

Jasmine aka Jazz

fling-legged and blonde
with a coat called broken
curious brown eyes
and a wispy cream beard

eight months old
she’s never lived in a house
wire kennels for a staghound
meant to hunt

her people got sick
rehomed all five pups
without her permission
life changed

scared herself in the reflection
of the dark television
but she settled on the couch
and watched everything

she’s as tall as my desk
pokes her nose here and there
checks a thumb drive
book piles and paperclips

finally she stops whining
lies down, crosses paws
the adjustments are huge
now a writer’s accomplice

9 thoughts on “Jasmine aka Jazz

  1. Laurie and Timothy Neeno

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW ADDITION TO YOUR FAMILY! Jazz is gorgeous and I know will be very happy with you and her new home. Love to you all, Rabia


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