sponge hole heart sutra

sponge hole heart sutra

I wring soapy water
from the sponge
by the marvel of holes

how sponge soaks
up nectar or goop or juice
and holds it in hollows

and worms bore tunnels
in loam so aliment and air
percolate—without openings
soil will die

hearts require hollows,
chambers like sponge
so they can fill
and squeeze and fill again

which carries me directly
to the shoreless shore

2023 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

2 thoughts on “sponge hole heart sutra

  1. ellah


    Dear Amrita,


    i love this one so much


    once we found a sponge on the beach,

    you could witness its aliveness, the fact of it being a being,

    and it was full of tiny other beings that would emerge and retreat with the flow of water

    we kept it a little while in a jar of sea water to watch

    then took it back to its habitat

    so many lives interconnected


    thank you for your devoted, evocative, loving work



    Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 3:16 AM


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