the art of losing isn’t hard to master—Elizabeth Bishop

we are losing,
leaving what we love,
so fundamental to
our being here—
how do we learn
to yield with grace?

we lose our youth
then our childhood dog
our innocence
all will go—
loss of dreams
first love

children grown
parents gone
friends picked off
then slow decline
relentless time
what isn’t hard to master?

dark of the night
lie in the field, allow
the canopy of stars
to soak you in
it all comes down to this—

beneath the losses
something rests
steady and bright
it can’t be found
cannot be touched
yet holds us all

2023 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

2 thoughts on “losing

  1. Sara Mitchell

    Beloved Amrita, Good morning! I am so touched by this poem. There is a Threshold song that expresses what you have written here, and I would love to sing it to you. Hoping we can find a time soon when we could share that. I am now settling in at the Abbey, and it feels great to be here. Today is pretty packed, including a massage with jannat in the late afternoon. Perhaps we could connect sometime within the next couple days, and I will serenade you!

    In love and gratitude, Devi

    Sent from my iPad



    1. How wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad this poem touched something in you, and also delighted that you are settling into your new home. Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, or Friday would be the best days. Please let me know through regular email. My day today is also full. I’m sure you are looking forward to Jannat’s gentle hands after moving! So much work. Let me know what works for you timewise, and I’ll set up a Zoom because, for sure, I want to see your beautiful face while you sing! Love, Amrita


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