little altars

little altars

thresholds are altars
the footfall from
this room into another
maybe a step
that takes me
into glittering sun
or gushing rain
a prayer for each
step into change—

hold me
guide me forward
even if I fear
even as I grieve
leave pebbles of care
for me to follow
and find my way

2023 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

2 thoughts on “little altars

  1. Sara Mitchell

    Good morning Amrita!

    Thank you for this beautiful poem. It opens up a perfect opportunity for me to share my good news. And that is… That I am moving to the Eugene Abbey in 2-1/2 weeks! This came up very suddenly, and I am step by step preparing for this huge transition. I have anticipated it for the past six months, so I have gradually been sorting and giving away stuff. Things are pretty busy right now but I am not frantic or overwhelmed. My new two bedroom apartment is one of the larger ones in the building. It faces South, and opens out onto the rooftop gardens. It is the best that I could hope for, and I am very excited about it all. It is indeed a step toward the light.

    I will be signing the papers on March 6, probably, and then will be gradually moving stuff over, with Cross town movers arriving on the morning of March 9 to move all the big stuff.

    Much love, Devi

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