our lives unfold,
a rollicking ride—
we like control,
imagine and dream

and act like we have it
but look with a fresh
and discerning eye
thoughts erupt

whether we want
them or not—turn
inward and watch
for a while, decades

even—tell the truth
to yourself
thoughts arrive
full-blown and leave

on their own—
can you catch their
birth or death?
where’s the control?

leave them alone
drop behind instead
let the mind play
but don’t touch it

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

2 thoughts on “control

  1. 303condog

    Especially brilliant, joining the rest of the exceptionally well said. I love this and these. This is perfect, and relevant today in particular for me. Thank you, my friend. Your writing knocks me right out. Really, Thank you! Furthermore, I hope your left arm is light years better .


    1. Thank you! My arm is much better! Oh, this is Conny from Rupert’s! I’m now able to do daily life well. Some more mobility yet to be gained in PT, but they are very pleased, as am I. Thank you, thank you, for commenting! Love, Amrita


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