where have you
rooted deep
in the ground?
it may not be
where you live—
long, long ago
I sank my tap in
the Scottish highlands
land of bedrock
moors, firths and
unrelenting wind
wrenched from
her tartan people
the land still
bears the scars
my root is there
my bones know
yet it is not
my home

there’s a different
kind of taproot
more essential
than the quiver
when my feet
touch that land—
the root of
what we are,
each of us,
root deeper
and prior
before galaxies
before things
that is our home

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

4 thoughts on “taproot

  1. over50alone

    Hi Amrita- You should consider publishing a book with your daily poems, they are so authentic and soulful, and there is a certain flow from one to the other.
    Someone told me once to always look at the first and last lines of writing…I thought you could sacrifice the last line on this one and end with “before galaxies, before things.” Beautiful!


    1. Great counsel, thank you! Yes, a book is planned—a daybook, with a reading for every day and leap year. I will post here when that happens, but I figure it’s a year or two away—i’m at around 240 poems right now, but some I won’t include.
      Your support means everything, and thank you for commenting!
      With love,


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