conduit of wonder

conduit of wonder

first light
creeps back
as our planet spins
it’s quiet out there
until the birds come
I hear twitters
and tweets
in the bushes
then they show
themselves, blinking
fast as though
rubbing their eyes
little red house sparrows
hummers greedy to
a lament of doves
feast on seeds
dropped from the feeder
ten, fifteen
even more
busy on the ground
mostly safe
at our house
could be a hawk
or cat around
one predator
never here—
no guns now or ever
simply wonder
winged things
and luscious calm

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

9 thoughts on “conduit of wonder

    1. Rooney, somehow I missed this comment! Thank you.
      How are you feeling? Is that nasty virus letting you go? I pray it is.
      Guess what: on top of Boudewijn having prostate surgery this morning (not cancer, they had to ream him out–he had the same surgery eleven years ago) I have a UTI and a vaginal infection–just got back from urgent care. At least I’ll have tonight alone–he’s in the hospital for one night–to let the antibiotics take affect. I’m supposed to be caring for HIM!


      1. Margaret Rooney

        Oh My Skye!!! That is a ton to deal with. Poor B, it is good he can get the procedure and be fit again. I don’t know if he knows this but saw palmetto is great for prostate. Larry has been taking it for years, the doctor marvels at his perfect prostate. I don’t know why every man isn’t told about this. I’ve had Larry taking it since he was 30. I’d had an older friend, a mentor, who died of prostate cancer— I was determined Larry wasn’t going to have the same fate, if I could help it! Of course, B’s might be a different cause.. still I know it is overall great for prostate.

        Damn these UTI’s!!!!! What is up with them??? I am just finishing my antibiotics for my latest one. One more day. I am keeping my hopes up that this will be the end of it..but I have no reason to think that is true. Basically I’ve been getting them every month or every 6 weeks since July!!!! We are getting worn out by them. I am taking supplements..the ones you recommended and ones another friend thinks might help. It is early days yet to tell if anything works..and of course, I won’t know which ones worked..crap..not very scientific when I’m desperate, I guess.

        So, no Zoom on Wednesday. It sounds as though your plate is very full. I am holding all of us in the light💥 It’s getting to be quite a crowd:) Hugs and Love🥰



          1. Margaret Rooney

            Or I thought you’d be under the weather or looking after B. If you are up for it —so am I!!! See you at 10 your time🥰 Tomorrow🦋 >


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