for Fran Claggett-Holland:
“We live within one another’s grace”

he eased swelling
teased mending with
his listening hands
she proffered a healing
tuning-fork tenderness

retired PT heard angry
elbow cry out for support
they gave of themselves
freely, with love
for we are one body
appearing as many

so with her mentor—
saw a poet in hiding
Fran crooked a knuckle
“it’s safe” she invoked
without saying a word

there’s work for
the hurt one, the
bounty breathtaking
we are one body
appearing as many

2 thoughts on “open-hearted

  1. 303condog

    This poem knocks me right out. As if. As if This poem has the monopoly. As if this poem Singularly knocks me right out. That’s close. But not very. Starting over—- Your way of expressing kindness and one love is curiously Not hampered by the limitations of words; language. There is a gentle, sweet , Amritaesqness that reflects your actual aware noticing of us; me. Curiously, I feel seen, heard , the feeling that ‘I matter’ in your writing. A feeling not dependent on having met you. Just how not small is that?


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