the good fortune of old age

the good fortune of old age
note to self

now past three-quarters
of a century, you can
claim old—so many
reasons to grouse
stiff hands, thinning hair
name retrieval fades
common nouns wander off

we’re left with the grace
of verbs—their kindly
flow—they speak of
roaming or ambling or
coasting through air—
they mimic inevitable
change—how pupa
reforms into butterfly

we don’t know what’s
coming except that it is—
float on those verbs
allow them to ferry
you away, teach you
to let go—the good
fortune of old age

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—not final versions.

3 thoughts on “the good fortune of old age

  1. wcollinge

    Nice one! Resonates well for me and Jannat…


    (Pardon any errors, message via iPhone voice recognition…)

    William Collinge, PhD, MPH
    Collinge and Associates, Inc.
    3480 Kincaid Street
    Eugene, OR 97405
    Phone (541) 632-3502


    1. That’s great! I hope your trip is unfolding just as you wish. Finally, the weather over 100 degrees has broken, and today we expect a lovely 74. It got to something like 113 in Sebastopol. Unheard of. Love to you both, Amrita


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