stitch it back together

stitch it back together
note to self

can you dance while
you stitch it back together?
look for joy and beauty
everywhere? your soothing
morning shower, washing away
your well-worn thoughts
smoothing those deep-cut ruts—
the fresh tang of homegrown
ripe tomatoes and
cucumbers! full size!

your sweetheart tends and gardens
and bakes nectaplum crumble—
yes, from your tree
winter squashes already
hang heavy, but the
pea pods are done
golden delicious apples swell
bounty, everywhere

this is the dance—to see
it all as one, to look close in
and love what you touch—
make it nourishing and
serene—oh dear one
stay here, now
set the vigilance down
look for beauty, not despair

Thank you to Stuart Kestenbaum for the title phrase

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
Generic disclaimer: These are drafts—please understand that many will be rewritten.

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