note to self

we’re an experiment
consciousness plays—
“here, human family
be a bridge between
that which you are and
the embodied world”

an elegant try but
we lost ourselves—forgot
what we’re made of and
from whence we come
that made all the difference
it’s messy here—the
cosmos showcasing
chaos—societies evert in
a heartbeat—I weep
and rail for our cobalt home

then shift to look for beauty
my sustenance—
flaming California
poppies, the bounding
whippet’s elegance
flash of emerald at a
hummer’s throat as
it sips sweet elixir
my friend’s clear heart
and always, grace

2022 ©Amrita Skye Blaine
I’m writing a poem a day. These are drafts—they may never turn into anything more or they might flower.

4 thoughts on “bridge

  1. heatherbeeingasquet

    I really like this line: “ the
    cosmos showcasing
    chaos,” so perfect. Thank you for your beautiful & provoking poems… they expand and enlarge my heart & view.


  2. Margaret Rooney

    Lovely! I love the bounding whippet and the hummer’s emerald throat..there is much to admire here and wonder at. Hugs


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