troughs and waves

troughs and waves

note to self

that’s life—
dips and hilltops
troughs and waves
a skin-and-bone
roller coaster
sometimes free fall
it can buffet, a sideways
bluster, other times
a zephyr—
delicate and free

rarely tranquil

when days roll by
smoothly for a while—
writing flows, friends
thrive, my earth suit
functions as it should—
I can feel it coming
barometric pressure
behind my heart
heaviness nearby and
I wonder—what, how
and when? never why

will I bear it well?

I don’t pray for specifics—
we’re given our share
from the big field
I pray for insight and grace
sometimes on my knees
often snuggled in bed—
for those I love, I ask
for the highest good
and I pray, oh I pray
for surrender

2 thoughts on “troughs and waves

  1. heatherbeeingasquet

    I really really resonated with “I don’t pray for specifics… I pray for insight and grace” Sometimes I remember that’s what needed, but just as often, I forget. Thank you for your beautiful poems and the gentle reminders!

    Liked by 1 person

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