the qualities of “I”

The four qualities of the true “I” that we are:


These are what I will notice today, with love.

Spread love! It’s contagious. This is the pandemic I long for.

4 thoughts on “the qualities of “I”

  1. poetfriend

    hi skye,
    I’ve missed you! Lovely to see this today. I just listened to a talk that Jeannie Zandi gave just now on the power of yin. and then I get this wonderful
    blog post from you. It really resonates and it is who we are before we cover ourselves with all other kind of stuff.
    I hope you’re well! I am planning a trip on April 20 to see my Berkeley friend. I don’t Know if I will have time to stop off at some point, but I would love to see you.… Maybe even on zoom.

    With love, Arlene


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