the qualities of “I”

The four qualities of the true “I” that we are:


These are what I will notice today, with love.

Spread love! It’s contagious. This is the pandemic I long for.


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4 responses to “the qualities of “I”

  1. poetfriend

    hi skye,
    I’ve missed you! Lovely to see this today. I just listened to a talk that Jeannie Zandi gave just now on the power of yin. and then I get this wonderful
    blog post from you. It really resonates and it is who we are before we cover ourselves with all other kind of stuff.
    I hope you’re well! I am planning a trip on April 20 to see my Berkeley friend. I don’t Know if I will have time to stop off at some point, but I would love to see you.… Maybe even on zoom.

    With love, Arlene

  2. poetfriend

    Wow! Has it really been that long?? Yes, zoom would be lovely. What’s your availability, either particular or general…

  3. ph garrett

    Sounds like another wonderous poem, my friend.
    Love you and all your songs, Patrice

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