I need rest…
in the placeless place,
where this splendid, messy
chaos called life erupts

to let the background—
that big field of knowing
behind all manifest things,
slip into my mind’s foreground
filling it to spillover
easing friends,
known and unknown, as well

May I rest in its caress,
a hammock, a porch swing,
a safety net,
I surrender to the sway
that smooths and soothes
my disquiet and concern

take a cleansing breath,
recall the eternal and infinite,
forever and always—
this peace is present
right here
right now

© Amrita Skye Blaine

5 thoughts on “Rest

  1. eliasamidon

    beautifully put skyewoman

    I’m planning an online program starting in March called: Just This — The Heart-Essence of the Open Path that echoes your last 3 lines — it will be a kind of refresher of the Open Path training yet in a different way — less discursive, more contemplative. I hope you will be a conversant in it at some point…

    love to you! E



    1. Hi dear Elias,
      I think of you most every day, hoping you are getting the rest and rejuvenation you require. I pray your program starting in March won’t be on Thursday mornings–the study group for the pratyabhijnahrdayam (the book I gave you) will be re-upping, and I’ll be rejoining. Undertaking the seven-month study with seven translations was simply delicious.
      Love for you and Rabia,


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