we all need support

Someone valued this venerable, scarred tree and provided support for the trunk in its old age. In kind, it continues to shade the plants, yard,  and walkway beneath.

Each life situation is different: it may call for helping someone eat or walk; listening so they can unburden their mind; heart-tending, or spiritual counsel. We are wholly interdependent, one sacred body with many apparent parts.

Even the sentence “we all need support” is not the largest truth. Notice support is unending: the ground holds us up; gravity keeps us from flying off the planet; water, food, and air nourish us; hugs and a kind word mend our stricken hearts; a gentle nudge or lick from a four-legged companion soothes our spirit.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2017




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2 responses to “we all need support

  1. Lovely to have this venue to connect with you, though the connection is already always there.

    Aren’t we the fortunate ones, to bask in the awareness of kindness interconnection? Much Love

    My new business name is Love Is What You Are – and the process has begun to create a new website and cards, and a book is in the works. Feeling Blessedd every moment

  2. It just makes me happy to know somewhere in the world someone cares enough about nature and that tree to have noticed and helped. Our human nature can be so very beautiful:).

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