paradoxParadox: that’s what we’ve got. It’s not something unique that shows up on occasion, it’s the whole, wild, everyday display.

My relative offers deep insight into his friend’s abuse of his body, then drinks himself into a stupor, displaying no understanding of self-care.

The Texas floods sweep away this family, but not that one. The tornado slices through an Oklahoma town—half of it is pulverized, the other half remains untouched.

A terrorist group, in the name of their God, brutalizes children and sledge-hammers ancient sacred sites, while monks chant, meditate, and pray for the awakening of all beings.

Many people busy themselves with asking why.

I find all of it without meaning—the apparent good or the apparent bad. It’s just the phantasmagorical, endless, erupting Now.
The terrible, magnificent Now.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2015

4 thoughts on “paradox

  1. Wali Via

    My experience is both accepting what is happening (the apparent horrific and the apparent wonderful) and allowing inner guidance to inspire my action in life. We seem to be on this earth to both BE and ACT, or in other words be in action, yet our collective actions from ordinary perspective oftentimes seem in conflict with each other. I find myself reveling in the mystery of the dance, having faith that what I’m called to do is my best dance step.


  2. Finding the Why is endlessly fascinating. We have economics, psychology, evolutionary psychology, and others, all groping towards answers. Historians ask Where have we come from? Which is also interesting.


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