on friendship

infinity-signMy friend and I met forty years ago in December. We lived close to one another for eighteen years, then a shuttle and airplane flight apart, in the same town again, and now, about an hour and a quarter distance by car. We are not physically together very often, but carved out the opportunity to sit this afternoon at a table outside of Whole Foods in San Rafael.

When we are with each other, time vanishes and hearts merge. It is clear that one consciousness speaks as we share. Our perspectives are not identical, but meld in finely tuned comprehension. We have often said that our paths–although different–have traveled in close proximity. This kind of friendship, which soaks in the deepest love and understanding, is one of life’s precious jewels.

I have been fostered, encouraged, and sustained by my friend. We are aging now, and who knows? Any visit might be the last in these fragile, mysterious vehicles we call bodies, or we might enjoy a hundred more. Whatever we are given, I am grateful beyond measure.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2014
photo credit unknown

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