hot tub epiphany, on writing

four quadrants of the brainSoaking in the hot tub tonight, I was wondering about writing non-fiction and fiction, and why I haven’t succeeded–yet–in flowing easily from one to the other. I returned to writing a novel a few months ago, and no sooner than fictional words started to flow, this blog slowed to a dribble.

The story I told myself is that writing non-fiction, from direct experience, takes place in a different part of the brain. When one quadrant is active, apparently, the other is not.

Tonight in my head, I heard my mother in her parenting prime many, many decades ago, saying “Hogwash!”

Everything: every object, thought, feeling, sound, and so on, is a modulation of awareness–writing, too. The source of these blogs is identical to the source of my fictional characters. Perhaps, in seeing through and dropping the story, I can move seamlessly from one project to the other.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2014
photo credit: Scientific American





One thought on “hot tub epiphany, on writing

  1. I envy you your hot tub Amrita! It’s a chilly winter’s evening here.

    Your mother’s “Hogwash” would have made my own Mum smile. She’d have said – “Don’t buy the guff about divided brain-bits – just let it out.”

    We are so burdened by all we’ve read and been told. Perhaps all we can do is endlessly drop-drop-drop everything and expect nothing.

    Ummm… forget the “perhaps”.


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