tired of speaking sweetly

Although Hafiz uses dual language to express his non-dual understanding, this poem still touched me. Reposted from Panhala poetry.




Tired of Speaking Sweetly

Love wants to reach out and manhandle us,
Break all our teacup talk of God.

If you had the courage and
Could give the Beloved His choice, some nights,
He would just drag you around the room
By your hair,
Ripping from your grip all those toys in the world
That bring you no joy.

Love sometimes gets tired of speaking sweetly
And wants to rip to shreds
All your erroneous notions of truth

That make you fight within yourself, dear one,
And with others,

Causing the world to weep
On too many fine days.

God wants to manhandle us,
Lock us inside of a tiny room with Himself
And practice His dropkick.

The Beloved sometimes wants
To do us a great favor:

Hold us upside down
And shake all the nonsense out.

But when we hear
He is in such a “playful drunken mood”
Most everyone I know
Quickly packs their bags and hightails it
Out of town.

~ Hafiz ~

(The Gift – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

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2 thoughts on “tired of speaking sweetly

  1. vickiwoodyard

    I like personal talk of God. Impersonal talk is dull, generic and never arouses me like confessional writing can. My writing thrives when I am at the nadir. As Gurdjieff said, roses within, thorns without. That’s not an exact quote but it’ll do. Poetry that serves the mystery is delicious….


  2. This is one of my all-time favourite Hafiz poems Amrita – I’m so familiar with that “dropkick”!
    Is it possible to express the non dual without taking up “dual” language? The instant one moves to express, one has emerged from the non-dual. Poetry is perfect – metaphor can be magical; we know that the poet is using ‘make-believe’ subjects and objects to express the inexpressible.

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