thought as an escape

wild rainbowUntil seven years ago I used thought as an escape, and spent close to 95% of my time in the mind. Terrified as a child, I found the mind a safe place to hide.

When I was exposed to the non-dual teachings a new perspective opened, and remaining present became more appealing. Understanding grew: the mind is not such a safe place after all–in fact, it’s the basis for my suffering. But habit is relentless—sticky thoughts had become a powerful pattern, a kind of addiction.

Less time is spent caught in the mind now, and when I notice I’ve been caught there for a while, I’m relieved to let thought go. It is such a tiny portion of what goes on—why miss out on the rich, full-spectrum texture of the here and now?

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2014
photo credit: Panhala Poetry

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