unseen light of knowing

full moon in cloudsWe understand the moon’s light reflects the sun; it has no light of its own. So it is with the sun.

After a day of steady and much needed downpour, I soak in–and relish–the sun’s rays. This light that we welcome, celebrate, and cannot live without, is a mere reflection of the unseen light of knowing that is prior to all.

The sun has no existence of its own. Like all objects–apparently dense ones like asteroids,  bridges, stone walls, and humans–or subtler ones like thoughts or feelings–it erupts from, returns to, and has its life as pure capacity.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2014
photo credit: Barnstorming

One thought on “unseen light of knowing

  1. This post is especially dear to my heart Amrita – this Unlit Light!
    [It was given thus: “And this Light does know all other light as its shadow”.]
    Thank you, this is truly the “heart of the matter”. xx


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