afraid to live, afraid to die: take two

1986 Harmon Converg tree stumpOne of the delightful people who follows this blog commented on my last post, and her comment clarified that I needed to say more.

Most people have no idea that this core fear exists in me. I didn’t even know! It is not debilitating—although sometimes quite uncomfortable–but it is known now, which is a relief. I always prefer, and move toward, the truth.

Because it has surfaced, there is the opportunity for it to be welcomed, and dissolved–although the timeline for this process is never known. Pushing it away would only cause it to perpetuate itself. The one thing these patterns of the separate self cannot bear are to be seen, and seen through. When that seeing occurs, the tap root is either severed or uprooted. The pattern may continue for a while, but can never have the power it previously held.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: my own photo from 1986

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