moving… or not?

In the world of appearances, we have moved–our address has changed, our home layout is different, our belongings are finding new resting places. I have established yet another spoon drawer in this kitchen, and a drawer with items that have holes (strainers, steamers, grater, colander).

But what has moved, really? This-that-we-are, this that never leaves and is ever-present, doesn’t move. This bright and radiant no-thing remains ever radiant and bright. All the rest comes and goes.

We can depend on that.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013

One thought on “moving… or not?

  1. brian

    So was it like this?
    Before the move it was a Mountain (of boxes)
    During the move it was no longer a Mountain
    After the move it was a Mountain again (until they were unpacked)
    Wink wink smile


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