our porch swingRight now, life is filled with a high level of activity. We are working with contractors and sub-contractors, and at the same time, cleaning, clearing, and mending this neglected property back to life ourselves.

This morning, we pulled nails and spackled holes with filler.
I wielded a web catcher under the eaves, sweeping away silky spider cocoons and three decades of dust.

Every day, there are many apparent choices to be made for the house–this week, the choices involve lighting fixtures, and the placement of outlets and circuits.

The most puzzling has been selecting a color for the interior walls. Four samples painted, reviewed, and discussed. Laguna Beach has won.

Then we realized that because of termite damage requiring new siding in various places, we need to also paint the exterior. We returned to Kelly Moore Paints yet again–avoiding the 8 AM contractor rush–because the exterior will not be repainted the nondescript taupe that it currently is.

In addition, we are responding to the real estate needs of our clients during a hot market–always learning a new chunk about the process–and we attend broker, office, and client meetings. And there is more–seemingly endless activity.

However, I have rediscovered a joy from half-century ago. If you cannot find Amrita, go outside and peer toward the patio swing. You’ll find her there, mindlessly swinging and grinning, lost in the sensations of weightlessness, breezes, and sunshine. Today, the neighborhood murder of crows gathered in a large cluster, fussing and complaining–a natural auditory delight as well.

Come to think of it, I hear more when I swing. The mind goes quiet, and the gobbles of wild turkeys in the field next door springs into the foreground.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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4 thoughts on “swinging

  1. Arlene Metrick

    Beautifully graphic description of your life at the moment, Amrita…I feel right there with you…from choosing paint colors (which took me forever to do when I was re-doing some walls!) to the joys of swinging…which I, too, love…thank you for this!


  2. Phil

    Popping into your blog is like popping into your presence, and it fits well in different parts of my day. What can be better than swinging; both alone and with someone it is a truly human treat.
    Just finished a major kitchen upgrade, so I appreciate all that contractor busyness and small and big decisions at every corner. A short bike ride served as my swing through the process.


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