waves of activity

These bodies caught the incoming wave, and now all there is, is to ride it. A kitchen and fireplace demolished today–with help from a SawsAll with a jackhammer attachment. So grateful that a strong and intelligent man who loves his work manned the equipment, and I could cover my ears and look on with interest.

Remembering to notice and breathe.

Appliances and cabinets ordered.

Remembering to notice and breathe.

Termites found alive, fat, and happily eating the wall and floor in the dining room. Unexpected. Since the window must come out and a long length of wall opened, we might as well replace the old aluminum window. A new education on the virtues of fiberglass over vinyl windows (recyclable, and no out-gassing. Definitely more expensive, and much better for the environment). New fiberglass window ordered.

Remembering to notice and breathe.

And the wave keeps curling underfoot, alive, kinetic. A new client was given to us who must place an offer on a home tomorrow. I’m in a required real estate daylong workshop–can we pull this off without getting Maytagged by the wave?

Remembering to notice and breathe in and out the ordinary miracle of life unfolding.

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