committing to once a week through August

I’ve been posting each day since January 1st.

During our home renovation, some activities have give! I’m stepping back to a minimum of once a week–but hopefully more–through August. I ask for your patience.

with love,



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4 responses to “committing to once a week through August

  1. Devi

    Sounds totally OK to me, Amrita. You’ll be plenty busy this summer! I’ll welcome
    your writings, whenever they appear.

  2. It amazed me that you wrote every day ! 😉

  3. agnes

    I am behind, so you give me a nice chance this way to catch up and enjoy a rereading of it all ! Your writing so freat !
    Have a lovely summer! LOVE

  4. agnes

    Awaiting moderation. Yes of course, not freat but GREAT!

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