machine cogsRight now, I’m watching myself avoid a task I need to complete. The person responsible for this job prior to me organized the work in a manner I don’t really understand, and her organization actually repels me. She created the system so that the same information is entered in four different places–one Excel file, and three Word files–deep redundancy–and a set-up, in my view, for errors or omissions, or both.

I don’t know the position well enough to jump in and reorganize how the tasks are completed; perhaps there is are good reasons for why it’s done this way, and I want to honor the two years of work this person did.  I don’t want to call her to ask more questions, either, because her answers are overly-detailed for this brain and not very clear, and I end up more confused than before.

I have to laugh at my avoidance and resistance at trying to master how she organized this membership chair position. As Tom Kurzka, a non-dual teacher in Eugene, used to say, “Just to notice.”

Okay, deep breath. This won’t get easier if I wait longer. Finish this post, and turn to puzzle out the work.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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3 thoughts on “avoidance

  1. This is a good one, avoidance. I use it all the time. However, I’m discovering that avoidance is not such a great strategy. When I put things in my psychic closet, they just seem to grow. I’m learning it is better to just face them when they are small and manageable.


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