pluck the moment

jasmineThe only experience we have is the current one. Consider: has it ever been any time but right now?

Pluck this moment–like the sprig of night-blooming jasmine you are driven to pinch from the garden–right now. Unlike the flowers, which will hold their beauty only briefly and then return to the indescribable emptiness they came from, this moment is ever available, and eternal. It will neither leave nor die.

It is dependably this rich moment, and this, and this. If you get caught up in thought, you’ll have your thought, but you will miss the moment’s outrageous, unrepeatable scent.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit
(This prompt, “pluck the moment,” came from a comment to the post “right now.” Thank you, Sufiways, for permission to use it for inspiration.)

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