unspeakable vacancy

Messier 77This unspeakable vacancy that we are, that holds all of manifestation–black holes, shooting stars, exploding suns, and the occasional planet with conditions that meet life as we know it–how could that possibly be seen as dull, boring, or flat?

In the most benign moments, while I’m sitting at the keyboard watching words form on the screen, millions of occurences unfold. Blood creates new cells, other formations eat what has died and needs recycling, nerves are firing, not to mention the words pouring out on the screen. How amazing is that! Words, little discrete shapes lumped together that form temporary meaning–a stunning occurence. One vast unspeakable, connected miracle forming out of no thing.

I’ve been watching a humming bird nest blog; this is the second clutch I’ve seen hatch and develop. The babes, in the last five days, have turned into little bright, aware winged things, practicing for taking flight by hanging on to the edge of the nest with one foot and flapping like mad. One will even stand on the other for purchase. Somehow they manage not to fall out of the tiny nest, about the size of two and a half joints on a man’s finger. Astounding! The cam is now on what is called “fledge watch.” Shelly, the elder fledgling by three days, could go at any time.

Glance around! This unspeakable vacancy–surely, not dull, boring or flat…

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: NASA archives
Phoebe’s cam

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