home wordleI don’t think I’ve truly understood the meaning of the word “play.” Somehow I ended up quite serious and not very playful; my response to a dose of parental judgment, I suspect. But today, a new meaning of play opened for me–in the sense of the play of Leila.

This whole show is play! Serious play, torturous play, lighthearted play–every possible kind.

It looks like we are moving again–but only nine miles this time. We’re returning to the town we left twenty-one years ago; it’s a true community, and a sweet place to age. The whole unfolding seems like play–from the moment my husband found the house and mentioned it to me while I was on retreat, to today, when our offer, below asking price, was accepted without a murmur. The little town we are moving to is highly popular, and very few homes are available–so few, that most sellers are enjoying multiple offers. This particular house sat on the market for a week before we saw it, yet ours was the only offer–very lucky news in this market. We’ve seen sales go for 20-40% over asking price when there are five to ten people vying for the same home. And like any sale, this one could fall apart–over inspections, for example. We’ll know more a week from today.

So how to hold this? Lightly! Playfully! Remembering to breathe evenly and not leap into a mental future, so I can greet each moment as it unfolds. Life will be even busier for the next few months, but I’d love to walk through this time without narrowing my focus. Instead, I’d like to keep the inner lens wide open, noticing everything that shows up. My field of activities may need to narrow–yes–but not my openness within them.

After all, my true home is not a physical space.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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3 thoughts on “play

  1. Arlene Metrick

    Hi Amrita,
    I love your post! I, too, like you grew up (and still am!) quite serious and widening the lens to where everything is “a play” is wonderful to remember…I’ve just been diagnosed with Epstein Barr and my forms of “play”, serious though they may sound, have been curtailed because there are other lessons to be learned…and I definitely need a wider lens at the moment…so thank you for your words…and yes, about our true home!
    I hope the deal goes through!!! Good luck!!! And I’ll come visit your new home when I am out there next!
    Love from a bright, sunny NYC where you are always welcome, Arlene


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