existence means…

wave stands out fromExistence means “to stand out from.”

Think of waves that rise and fall in the ocean. For a brief time, they stand out from the ocean body, and then slide back into it–but they are never separate from, or independent of, their source, the water we call sea. In the same way, we stand out from the consciousness we are made of. We appear separate and independent for a brief time, and then vanish back from whence we came. Like the waves, we seem as though we are a separate entity, but in reality, there is no separation at all. Ocean appears as wave; consciousness appears as human, or treee, or moss, or the rock it grows upon: seemingly separate, yet wholly undivided.

We are trained from birth to believe in our separateness, but think about it… what do we know of this mind, this body, or world, but the awareness of it? One vast sea of knowing–prior to thought–in which all of this: mind, body and world, arise and are known.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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