radiance, take two

laughing infantRadiance shines from the molar that’s aching tonight; it shimmers in the glance of a fellow retreatant. It glows in the ancient oak that rested a massive branch on the ground decades ago and has kept on growing.

It radiates from the chef’s vegetarian attempts, and is luminous within the heavy news the Chronicle proffered this morning.

It shimmers in the stutters, glottals, and occasional slurring of my son’s disfluent speech on the phone today, and it sparkles in the sweet texts that my husband sends. This sturdy old building that is home to us this week gleams with unseen light. It pours from the heart of me that–just the same–is the heart of you.

This luminous unseeable brilliance, prior to all.

With deep gratitude to Rupert Spira, whose direct pointing has made this radiance visible to so many.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: Panhala Poetry

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