they die of neglect

red demon skullBedtime used to bring my wild, blood-red demons–nightmare scenarios about my son’s health–all the eventual horrible happenings that might occur.

I suspect the pattern arose so I would feel prepared for any outcome; I’ve been blindsided a few times in life. But the net effect was that rather than dying once, I, or my son, or my husband, died hundreds of times. Not a helpful outcome, either for sleep or psyche.

Come to discover, if I leave the thought train alone–if I do not suppress it, or try to quiet the mind in any way, but simply notice, and acknowledge, the train rumbles right on by, off into its own dark and unpleasant future.

I remain right here, face against the soft pillowcase my sister made me, under the warmth of our downy, with my husband breathing evenly, quietly, beside me.

When thoughts are neither followed nor denied, they die of neglect.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
with thanks to Rupert Spira for the prompt, “they die of neglect.”
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One thought on “they die of neglect

  1. Regarding disturbed mind states, Ajahn Pairote, my meditation “coach” in Thailand used to tell us: ” Starve them. Don’t give them food. ” (the food of attention)

    The train rumbles right off ! Yes, time after time.


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