hummingbird wingersizingThe ultimate surrender is the loosening for death, but allowing yourself to be anesthetized and going under the knife is close, in my book.

Today is a day of surrender. Actually, every day is a day of surrender–we allow ourselves to forget that. Who knows if I will wake up? In the large scheme of things, it simply doesn’t matter. I suppose the likelihood is that I will, but likelihoods are no longer a part of my belief system.

I have preferences–the parenting gene is still strong, and my son needs my encouragement this year. I’d like more time with my sweet partner. Writing here energizes me. The hummingbird babies on the live cam I’m watching haven’t fledged yet–although they are “wingercizing” regularly now, and are bright little alert birds. It would be fun to see them whiz off.

So I’ll say, “see you on the other side.” For convention’s sake. Whatever side that is.
Love to you all.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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Filed under Advaita, Musings, Non-duality, spirituality, Surrender, Truth

5 responses to “surrender

  1. Rabia

    As always, loving you.

  2. All Love to you always! May you be well and with us for many years yet (my preference 🙂

  3. Arlene Metrick

    Amrita, I was thinking about you today and hoping you are OK…and yes, we never know about anything but we especially “don’t know” when we are “under the knife” …and yes, it’s all about “surrender”…always…
    Thank you…
    Much love, Arlene

  4. Holding you in heart center today.
    love, d

  5. All Love to you always! May you be well and with us for many years to come! (my preference there 😉

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